Zypps for Business:

Learn how your organization can leverage our powerful scheduling app to ensure people and packages are on time every time.

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Manage Rides

  • Move People. Schedule rides and get your employees and or your guests where they need to go when they need to be there
  • Move Pacakges. Get your packages scheduled and delivered timely at manable cost
  • Events. Schedule Zypps to help manage your events and moving participants
  • Zypps Payments. Use our easy payment processing

Business Safety:

People (riders and drivers) and packages all must arrive safely to each destination.  Zypps monitors the network at all times to track the rides and deliveries in process.


Booking Rides for your employees and or guests on Zypps is easy. Just follow the steps below:


If your company is not registered, click on the “Sign Up” link above and register your company


When your company is registered, click on the “Login” link and enter your user name and password


Once in the system, book rides for your employees and guests by following the easy steps below


1.  Select the type of vehicle you want to use for your delivery

2.  Search and select your rider’s pickup and drop off locations and pick up and drop off dates and times

3.  Enter the email address or the mobile phone number of the rider to be picked up and click on book ride. (If the email address or the phone number of the rider is not in the system, you will get a prompt to either register the person or send a download link for the rider to download the Zypps Apps)

4.  Click next and select or enter payment card and book the ride

5.  Your rider will be notified and be able to use the Zypps apps to manage the ride

Zypps Prepaid Card for Business

  • Managing your employees travel budget for Zypps rides has never been easier. Just ask us about the customized Zypps Prepaid Card for your business.
  • With the Zypps prepaid card you can purchase individual rechargeable denominational values for each employee.
  • The employee can then use the card exclusively on Zypps to purchase rides.  As the value on the employee Zypps prepaid card decreases to zero, you may recharge the card for the employee.