Zypps has landed in Jamaica :

Zypps is a new transportation mobility marketplace and technology platform.  The Zypps platform allows individuals to book rides, businesses to offer same-day package deliveries, merchants to sell and consumers to shop online via the Zypps pre-paid card.

Companies will also be able to use our desktop version to book transportation services for employees or visiting guests.

Zypps offices in Jamaica are located at:

9th Floor PanJam Building, 60 Knutsford Blvd, New Kingston, Kingston 5, Jamaica

Telephone: 1-876-618-8864


Why Zypps?

In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. We believe in leveling the playing field so that everyone benefits by providing timely, reliable, safe and efficient transportation, delivery services and eCommerce. Our belief is to improve the daily lives of those who participate on the zypps platform.

Why Settle For Less? Why should you settle for anything less?

Now, no matter who you are or what your status, you can travel First Class or operate business at the highest level!



Zypps is the new Jamaica!

Zypps passengers get:

  • Added monitored security for every trip with Zypps
  • Alerts and tracking when your loved ones have arrived at their destination
  • Easy cash-less top up service for your added security
  • Knowing exactly who your driver is, with the added comfort that every driver has been background checked
  • The ability to have a voice in the service you received



Drive with Zypps in Jamaica

What drivers get:

  • Work less hours but earn more money!
  • Use a cashless system that reduces theft
  • Enjoy continuous driver tracking for added security
  • Can easily ID passengers, saving time, money, and headaches

If you don't have our mobile app, enter your phone number below and we will send you a link.  Or you can download the iOS or Android mobile apps here:



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How does Zypps work?


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  • - Zypps to sign with a major financial institution as a distribution partner for its closed loop pre-paid card
  • - Zypps to use the call centre services of GKPS - a University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC) subsidiary