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Send a Zypps gift card in minutes, digitally or in the mail. Show your spirit of giving today, or just surprise a relative or friend with a Zypps gift card.

Special Occasion

Want to send a Zypps Gift card to someone for a special occasion? Perhaps the person needs to get to an interview or airport and need to schedule a ride in advance to have peace of mind.

Someone overseas

Someone is overseas in a market where Zypps operate and the person needs local transportation but have no local currency handy to pay for transportation? Send the person a Zypps Gift card.

Purchase the Zypps Gift Card right here and now!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I activate my Zypps Gift Card?

    Zypps gift cards (available online here in the USA in the following denominations US$25, $50, US$100 and US$250) are delivered by email and and or text and contain a control code which you will need to use to activate the Zypps Card. To activate your gift card, open your Zypps app and tap the menu icon, then ‘ZyppsCard’’. Enter your gift card control number. The full card amount will then be applied to your ZyppsCard mobile wallet balance.

  • How do I check a Zypps Gift Card balance?

    After you’ve activated your card, open your Zypps app (if it is not already opened), navigate to ZyppsCard menu item, tap the face of the specific ZyppsCard icon. A prompt will be provided for you to enter your ZyppsCard PIN, enter the PIN (the PIN may be obtained by clicking on the top above the card that says "flip card"). The balance will be shown to you.

  • How can I use a Zypps Gift Card?

    Once activated, your Zypps gift card is applied to your Zypps Mobile Wallet card credit balance, which can be used to pay for rides in the Zypps App or pay for Shopping done on ZyppsKart redirected to the Zypps App. 
    Your ZyppsCard Mobile Wallet credit balance maybe used in combination with other payment methods in the App.  
    You may have more than one ZyppsCards within the Zypps Mobile Wallet and each card is reloadable up to the original amount of the credit (face value) the card was issued with.

  • How do I reload my Zypps Gift Card?

    You may reload your Zypps Gift Card by visiting a participating retail location and providing them with your mobile phone number to which the ZyppsCard was activated as well as the last four digit of the Zypps Gift Card number. Alternatively, you may have someone send you Zypps credit from another ZyppsCard. You will need to provide the person sending the credit with your mobile number as well as the last four digit of the specific Zypps Gift Card you want credited. Please keep in mind a ZyppsCard can only be reloaded up to the original amount (face value) of the card.

  • Does my Zypps Gift Card work with other Zypps Promos and Coupons?

    Yes, any applicable coupon will be applied to your ride and or purchase at ZyppsKart as long as you’ve applied the promo code and or coupon first, and then the select the ZyppsCard as your payment method when paying. After the promo code and or coupon amount is deducted the ZyppsCard will then be used to pay for any remaining balance for the ride. If there is not enough balance remaining on the selected ZyppsCard to complete the payment, then you may use another payment method to cover the balance after the ZyppsCard amount is applied.

  • What are the restrictions on the use of the Zypps Gift Card?

    There are some gift card limitations:● Activated Zypps gift cards can only be spent in countries that accept payment in the same currency that the Zypps Card was originally issued. However, if the ZyppsCard was originally issued in US$ currency, then you may transfer amounts to another currency and the Zypps system will use its currency converter and exchange rate to convert to the receiving currency the converted amount.● The Zypps gift card amount cannot be used outside of the Zypps eco system and it is NOT redeemable for Cash.

  • Can I purchase the Zypps Gift Card at a physical retail location?

    Yes, in some countries where we operate you may purchase Zypps Gift Card at participating retail locations.

In countries like Jamaica where Zypps also operate, the Zypps Gift Card doubles as a personal mobile wallet


May be purchased at Paymaster in Jamaica

Generally available in the following denominations: JMD $ 1,000, JMD$2,500, JMD$5,000 & JMD$10,000

Make Zypps your transportation and eCommerce Marketplaces

Zypps offers predictability and safety and is a very potent competitor to other ride sharing providers in the countries Zypps operate

Zypps is a brand of Zyleck Technologies, Inc., which is a subsidiary of Tiemac Technologies, Inc.