Zypps Affiliate Program

Zypps offers a very lucrative affiliate program to website hosts. Zypps pays each affiliate two forms of commissions. ● A commission is paid when a customer signs up through the Zypps widget hosted on the affiliate's website and the customer becomes active. ● A second set of recurring commissions are paid for each successfully completed transaction from a Zypps customer originally signed up through the affiliates hosted Zypps widget. This second set of commissions are paid monthly for up to one year from date of signup of the referred customer.

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    Once approved, Zypps will send you a unique Zypps Widget URL for you to place on your sites. No coding is involved.

  • Get Commissions Payments

    You will get commissions payments as outlined in the Affiliate's Customer Activities Payout Schedule chart.

  • Illustration

    Commission Payable per registration


    If the customer registers within Jamaica with a Jamaican address and phone number the commission payout is JMD$50 per active customer registered

  • Illustration

    Commission Payable per transaction


    If the customer conducts a transaction within Jamaica the commission payout is JMD$25 for each of the customer's transactions within Jamaica

As a Zypps Affiliate you win regardless of where the customer is acquired and or transacts with the Zypps platform. 
The more you, as an affiliate, promote Zypps on your website the more recurring revenue you get from Zypps.


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